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Wood piece:183pcs;
Assembly time:about 4 hours.
Recommend age:14+,children under the age of 14 can complete the assembly accompanied by their parents.

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Follow the English instructions step by step.It takes about 4 hours to complete.
Laser precision cutting,assembled by buckle,each part has corresponding code, which makes the assemble easier.
It’s more than just a model,it can actually shows film-Chaplin’s《Modern Times》.
Currently film is only one,more film will update in future.

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Package Show—Vintage Gift Box Packing

English instructions+6 Precut wood sheets+Sandpaper+Tape+Roll film+Motor+Wooden stick.
Notice:wax is forbidden on international air shipping,we have to take them out if the order is shipped by air.Thanks for understanding.
It’s used to reduce friction, not essential,could be replaced with candle.

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Q: Does the product come with film?
A: YES, contain one flim,Chaplin’s 《modern times》
Q:Is it standard 35mm film?
A:No,it’s unique design,24mm
Q: Is there a way to buy more films?
A:Currently not supported, more film will be updated in the future.